How to lose weight while traveling in southeast asia

Sometimes there is a spicy kick, and it usually settles as a light meal. How could it be bad? Hungry travelers are surprised to learn that their fresh bowl of coconut curry can easily contain a thousand calories. Vietnamese coffee and Thai iced tea are popular beverages in their respective countries. Each contains a base, coffee or tea, that is nothing special. Each is sweetened to the extreme.

Any notion of being a morning pick-me-up or afternoon refresher is false. Unhealthy foods are not always deep fried. To travel healthy and avoid gaining weight, do a little research on your favorite travel eats before stuffing your face over and over. It means being aware. Food and drink is the best part of travel, and you should always strive for new experiences and eat the good foods. The easiest way to limit weight gain is to move! And keep moving! This is true whether you are at home or halfway around the world. Being active means burning calories, and that means being less blob-like.

How do you stay active halfway around the world? Healthy travel starts with walking. Too often, travelers get lazy on the road. Walking is a passive method of healthy travel.

Maintaining Weight Loss while Traveling

Walking one mile takes about 20 minutes at a normal pace. One mile in a taxi takes less than five minutes in most cities. The difference is not 15 minutes. The difference is a few dollars and a mile of sights and sounds. All missed in a taxi. Viewpoints often have an easier route to the top. But if you take the easy way up, you miss out on an opportunity to passively burn calories.

Travel Makes You Thinner!

Passive exercise, burning calories in normal daily activities, is the best way to earn the extra beer, dessert or fried ball of mystery on the street. You still reach the destination; however, by walking, you burn calories, save money and see more of your destination. And it only takes a few extra minutes. Alcohol is one of the biggest obstacles to healthy travel. And then a few more. Every single day. Unfortunately, this is a slippery slope.

All of those beers and cocktails add up to thousands of empty calories. After weeks of imbibing, the result is several additional pounds. How can you limit the alcohol-calorie intake? Moderation is the obvious choice.

2. Eat Slowly To Stay Fuller For Longer

For those lucky individuals who are hangover-immune or have freakish metabolisms, do what you must. For most of us, however, excessive drinking leads to excess weight gain.

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I hate to be that person, but keeping count of your drinks can really help put into perspective the calories consumed and money spent on alcohol. Do this for a day or two.

18 Proven Weight Loss Tips You Can Use TODAY

Factor the calories. Then decide if the extra beer or three is necessary. Inverse weekends are an alternative, happier option. Rather than guilt-inducing counting of drinks, try an inverse weekend. Behave as you normally would while traveling, enjoying food and drinks for four or five days. Then, take a break for two to three days. Regular spells of sobriety will keep you fresh, more energetic and save money.

Most of all, breaks from binging help to ensure healthy travel. By no means am I suggesting that anyone should go out and try to drink almost every day of a trip.

Plus-Size Travel in Southeast Asia: What to Know | Intrepid Travel Blog

The point of drinking on an inverse weekend schedule is for those who are tempted to grab a beer at every opportunity when traveling. Beer in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe is cheap. Wine in France is unbelievable. Beaches are made for cocktails in coconuts. The temptations are strong, but moderation is important for healthy travel. Travel is supposed to be fun.

And healthy travel is all about staying active.

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Why not have fun and burn some calories in the process? In more modest destinations, take advantage of the surrounding outdoors. Go for hikes to find a great view. Rent a bicycle and explore the countryside. These are a few easy examples of ways to have fun and maintain health. The best part of being active in the outdoors is the reward. Edinburgh is cool, but the Scottish Highlands are stunning. The sights and sounds of Hanoi are incredible, but Ha Long Bay is a natural masterpiece.

Cities are great — wandering massive cities is one of my favorite travel activities — but there is no comparison to the wonder of nature. One of the highlights of traveling abroad is experiencing nature that is different than home and witnessing the wonders of the natural world. Some travelers are crazy.

And then they actually work out. How many times do we actually wear those shoes? Most of us are wasting valuable packing space with our misguided belief that we will dedicate time to working out. Not to sound like a pessimist — well, I am a little pessimistic in nature — but this is being realistic. For most travelers, packing running shoes and gym attire is wasting space.

For more on travel packing: check out this series on packing light and packing right. It was not until Turkey that the temperature started to heat up and by heat up, I mean bake. Because it was so hot, whenever we were near an ocean, lake or pool, I jumped in to swim. Truth be told, I absolutely despise running as a form of exercise. The idea of her being alone while jogging in a foreign country is enough for me to dust off my running shoes and join her.